6 Sales & Marketing Levers You Can Trigger To Accelerate Growth & Multiply Profits In The Next 90 Days

I was blown away to discover that there are 169 potential profit levers in a business.

Two main forces behind generating most profit in any business are Sales & Marketing. Together they have the ability to turbo charge growth from incremental to exponential, then snowball profits swiftly.

To just contemplate what 169 profit levers look like gets the head spinning. So after a bit of filtering and applying the 80-20 Rule, what remained were just 6 powerful sales and marketing triggers. Each of them have the capability of monumentally shifting the forward trajectory of a business.

First, one must know what those 6 levers are. Then by yanking them in the right order, the probability of future business success jumps considerably.

The Truth Behind Sales & Marketing

Great Sales and Marketing is a little science with a splash of art thrown in.

Sales refers to the range of activities that lead to the selling of goods and services. It focuses on the needs of the seller.

Marketing on the other hand centres around educating the marketplace that your business can solve problems, plug gaps and help achieve goals the way no other business can. It focuses on the needs of the buyer.

So, what’s the secret behind sales and marketing success?

Knowing the formula!

In fact success in all areas of life is formulaic. That means it has been developed over time in accordance with a mechanically followed rule or style. To some it may appear to be magic. But a formula is behind getting great outcomes in any discipline.

With that being the case, the main mission must become discovering the formula that drives sales and marketing success.

A Battle-Tested & Proven Marketing Strategy

Strategies that accelerate growth and increase profit in a business are those that have been battle-tested and proven to work.

Success definitely leaves clues.

So why would even think of reinventing the wheel when the heavy lifting has already been done by those that have gone before you?

All you need to do is steal what works and make it your own.

To make it even easier we have already done that for you.

6 Sales & Marketing Levers That Shift Mountains

To know then trigger those six exact levers can double a 7-figure business in just a few years and take a start-up and turn it into a 6-figure per month business in less than 12 months.

The examples above represent case studies of two businesses we have built.

Cranking the six powerful sales & marketing levers I am about to share with you, helped to wildly accelerate growth & multiply profits in businesses we were part of. If done right, the same can happen to just about every business out there, even yours!

Here are the six strategies revealed;

3 Critical Marketing Levers

Lever No 1: Increase Traffic & Visibility

Online Traffic is hugely abundant.

There are over 3.5 Billion searches on Google per day, 30 million active You Tube watching over 5 billion videos over day, 2.6 billion monthly active Facebook users and over 500 million daily users of Instagram.

With so much traffic available the opportunity to increase visibility of your business and brand is now virtually unlimited.

Lever No 2: Increase Leads

Turning online traffic into leads is paramount to success.

Increasing lead flow into your business means more opportunities to convert leads into prospects and ultimately into paying customers.

It was the late, great Dan Kennedy who used the metaphor ‘faucet marketing’. Do it right and you can open and close it at will, giving you complete control over lead generation, which in turn leads to sales or client conversion.

Lever No 3: Increase Brand, Trust & Authority

BRAND is what people will ‘see, feel and experience’, then come to ‘know, love and trust’ before pulling the trigger to buy your product or service.

Building Brand is a by-product of an exceptional marketing strategy and helps to win the game in the long term.

3 Ultimate Sales Triggers

The following three strategies or levers have been shared by countless authors over time. The learning has come directly from one of the greatest business and marketing minds on planet earth, Jay Abraham.

Lever No 4: Increase the Number of Clients / Customers

Increase the number of clients by getting more new prospects and convert them into paying


To increase your customer base, focus on increasing your Lead Generation through referral systems,

acquiring clients at breakeven upfront and make a profit on the back end, advertising on social

media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Linked In etc), using direct mail, using telemarketing,

running live events, and increasing the value of your product through better client education.

Lever No 5: Get Clients / Customers Spending More

To increase the average transaction value, get each customer or client buying more at each purchase.

To do that you can introduce cross-selling and up-selling, look to attract and acquire clients at breakeven upfront and make a profit on the back end, increase your pricing and hence your margins, packaging up complementary products and services together, offer greater / larger units of purchase and changing the profile of your product or services to sit at a more premium level.

Lever No 6: Get Clients / Customers Buying More Often

Once you have more customers and have them spending more, the next focus point is to get

them coming back again and again. This is all about increasing the frequency that the average client buys from you or  getting each customer to buy from you more often.


Trigger these 6 levers to help accelerate growth and increase profits in your business today.

If it helped to grow an unprofitable 7-figure business into a flushed 8 figure machine in just under four years and enabled a bricks and mortar business to get online and build an e-commerce business from launch to $100,000 monthly revenue in just 11 months. Maybe  you can do the same?


Thanks for reading!

Here’s to your success,

Anthony Boyatzis – Founder & Lead Strategist

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