5 Building Blocks of A Well-Oiled Marketing Machine That Must Not Be Ignored

There are five things that just cannot be ignored when building a bullet-proof marketing system. Each play a role in forming a strong foundation to build from. Overlooking just one of them makes marketing hard and getting great results, almost impossible.

Five Pillars Of A Robust Marketing System

To design and build an agile, well rounded, effective and high yielding Marketing System there are five building blocks that have to be front of mind as you plan. Don’t think of them as optional, but mandatory ingredients to mix in to your marketing strategy. If getting stellar outcomes is an expectation, inclusion of all five into your processes will increase the probability of that happening.

Here are the five pillars that can be remembered by the acronym O.C.S.A.D;

  1. Optimization
  2. Customization
  3. Systematization
  4. Automation
  5. Delegation (& Outsourcing)

The Key Building Blocks Explored


Marketing Optimization refers to the process of improving your marketing efforts to get better results. Every aspect of your marketing can be scrutinized for improvement. By testing then refining your marketing strategies, the campaigns within each and all key elements that forms part of them you can start to collect performance data, pull out insights from that data and then set about making changes across all channels used to get better results and increase your return on investment.


Marketing Customization refers to tailoring a marketing strategy to achieve the main goals of your business. No two businesses are exactly alike, so copying the marketing strategy of another company or business is fraught with danger. By clearly defining your target market and your ideal client, you can take your unique value proposition and build a custom marketing strategy to help attract more leads, convert them into paying customers and scale your business.


A marketing system is a step-by-step process, from beginning to end, that you use to ensure consistency and dependable performance in every area. By systematizing or creating a replicable order for your digital marketing efforts, it establishes both frameworks and processes for you to follow. This provides direction and clear organization to your marketing and systems for traffic attraction, lead generation, and lead conversion.


Marketing automation can be described as software and technology that manages marketing processes and multi-faceted campaigns, across multiple channels, automatically. It helps tackle repetitive tasks and frees up resources to focus on strategy. Effective automation enables companies to streamline and measure efforts and deliver better productivity, targeted engagement, and clear insight into what is and isn’t working. Ultimately, better results are achieved.

Delegation (& Outsourcing)

It’s easy to talk about delegation, but it’s not so easy to do. It’s a critical business decision. It enables many of the tasks that are handled by you and that take up much of your valuable time, to easily be passed on to someone else. Owners who do not learn to delegate responsibilities and tasks often end up stunting their company’s growth. There’s an unlimited supply of expertise available. Do some  research then appoint others to take on tasks that will free you up to focus on your own unique ability and the key actions to drive business growth and profitability.


So, remember the acronym O-C-S-A-D when you need a formula for mapping out a marketing strategy. It represents the 5 pillars needed to form a rock-solid marketing foundation.

Optimization, Customization, Systematization, Automation and Delegation combine to construct a  well-oiled marketing machine. One that performs better than before, is tailored specifically to get great results for your business, seamlessly flows like water by having systems to drive its operation and incorporates automation for easier and seamless execution of repeated tasks. By delegating and outsourcing all tasks that can be managed and completed by others, the puzzle is complete.

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